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ince his MASSIVE success on VSS, producers are tripping over themselves to ask Chris to go away and fund his own pilots.  

Chris’s Christmas Shocking!!!  is just one of loads of amazing TV ideas Chris is desperate to share with his fans! ​In CCS,  just like other really generous TV personalities, Chris brings fun and surprises to ordinary people -  when they least expect it!

This year, Chris's next door neighbour, Bushey local Jamie Sykes nominated his wife Sarah for one of Chris's special gifts,  (for 2 years the couple had been struggling to conceive and it was audibly taking it's toll on their relationship).  Live on camera Chris jumped out of their bedroom wardrobe to surprise Sarah with some VSS beauty product vouchers and pre-booked Zumba classes! She had a proper  Christmas Shocking!!!!​ 

Other lucky winners included a disadvantaged boy from Northwood who had been through an emotional year due to confidential family issues; (his parents are likely to be getting divorced). Although Jack had always wanted to swim with dolphins in Florida, Chris cut out all the unnecessary travel and expense and gave him something really special, much closer to home.  Arriving in the middle of his school assembly Chris's Christmas Shocking gave him the gift of 'the-swim-of-a-life-time' with the Harrow Met police dogs! Thanks Chris, you made one little boy shed a few tears!


..........Giving the gift of Chris when they least expect it………

Go to Contact page to put forward that special person foChris's Christmas Shocking 2013! NOW

We all have friends whose lives make us feel better about our own.

Now it's your chance to give a gift!

Nominate that special person for the-shock-of-a-life-time!


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